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Watch padel at the very highest level while enjoying culinary indulgences and live entertainment in our exclusive VIP lounge.

What do you get in the VIP lounge

  • Best places around center court to watch games


  • Unlimited food and drinks in the Celebrate VIP lounge.


  • Welcome remarks by Rafael van der Vaart and Fatima Moreira de Melo.


  • Musical entertainment.


  • Padel showcourt and clinics.


  • Includes parking pass and checkroom

Arrangements in the VIP lounge

VIP Ticket

With a VIP Ticket you will experience a session of your choice as a VIP guest. You can choose between a morning or an evening session. So if you want to come as a VIP guest for a whole day, order 2 VIP tickets, one for the morning and one for the evening. For more information and prices, click here.


Starting from 10 VIP Tickets we are happy to offer you a nice discount. Please contact Lousje at [email protected].


VIP Passe-partout
You can experience the entire main program from Thursday, September 12 to Sunday, September 15 as a VIP with a VIP Passe-Partout. A VIP Passe-Partout is not personal and extra cheap, it allows you to experience the entire main program with 15% discount. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the program consists of a morning and an evening session, so you will have to leave the VIP lounge for some time in between. A Passe-Partout is also available in the ticket shop.

food and drink

- Several food stations with a wide range of culinary options, both for lunch and dinner, in shared dining format.

- Several bars offering a wide range of beverages.


  • Exclusive access to padel matches and entertainment before, during and after matches.
  • Experience the action on the specially constructed show court and follow the games on the center court via large screens during dinner.
  • End the evening with our VIP DJ.

Top Sports

- Access to the top sports program during your chosen part of the day.

- VIP grandstand seats for an unparalleled view of top games.

- Experience this event together with colleagues, friends or family!