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Ticket conditions

Article 1 Definitions 


The Artist: the (professional) practitioner in the field of arts, entertainment, sports, and/or media - such as artist, musician, presenter, (TV) personality and all those who provide technical, production or artistic assistance to this (professional) practitioner; Premier Padel Rotterdam: Tribe Padel B.V. (kvk 91479312), having its registered office in OUDERKERK AAN DE AMSTEL and its principal place of business at BURGEMEESTER STRAMANWEG 97C (1191EA) 


Visitor: the natural person who has purchased and/or holds an admission ticket for a concert and/or event organized by Premier Padel Rotterdam and is thereby entitled to access this concert and/or event; 


Agreement: the agreement concluded between Premier Padel Rotterdam and Visitor; 


Event: A (sports) performance for the public in the broadest sense of the word, organized by Premier Padel Rotterdam; 


Admission Ticket: a document and/or barcode provided by Premier Padel Rotterdam, which gives access to - and entitles the holder to attend - the Event; 


Venue: the place where the Event is held, including all grounds, access roads, spaces and fields surrounding it; 


Public: all spectators, listeners and/or third parties present at the event. 


Article 2 Applicability 


2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and all Agreements, including all services provided, acts, deliveries and activities of Premier Padel Rotterdam related to the Event. 


2.2 These general terms and conditions also apply to the Agreement if it is concluded by means of - and/or the Visitor purchases an entry ticket via - an official sales or advance sales organization engaged by Premier Padel Rotterdam. 


2.3 The applicability of General Conditions of Visitor is expressly rejected, unless Premier Padel Rotterdam has agreed to this in writing. 


2.4 Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions are only binding if and insofar as Premier Padel Rotterdam has expressly agreed to them in writing. A deviation expressly accepted in writing by Premier Padel Rotterdam will only apply to the agreement for which Premier Padel Rotterdam has accepted the deviation. 




Article 3 Establishment of agreements 


3.1 The Agreement is established at the moment that Visitor purchases and/or orders an Admission Ticket for the Event, regardless of the (pre)sales address and/or at the moment that Visitor has obtained an Admission Ticket in any other way. 




Article 4 Entry ticket 


4.1 The Entrance Ticket is and will at all times remain the property of Premier Padel Rotterdam. 


4.2 The Admission Ticket is issued once and gives access to the Event to one person. 


4.3 The Admission Ticket is strictly personal and gives access only to the person who shows the Admission Ticket for the first time at the start and/or entrance of the Event. 


4.4 The Admission Ticket provides admission to the Event to Visitors of all ages. However, if a Visitor is 16 years of age or younger, he/she must be accompanied by an adult. 


4.5 From the moment the Admission Ticket is issued to Visitor, the risk of loss, theft, damage and misuse rests with Visitor.  

4.6 Premier Padel Rotterdam only guarantees the validity of an Entrance Ticket if it has been purchased and/or ordered from an address officially recognised by Premier Padel Rotterdam. The burden of proof in this respect rests with the Visitor. 


4.7 Premier Padel Rotterdam reserves the right to impose a maximum on the number of Admission Tickets to be reserved - or not - per person. 


4.8 A group reservation cannot be cancelled once the reservation has been signed. A VIP reservation can only be cancelled up to 48 hours after the time of reservation. 


4.9 Start times, as listed on the Admission Ticket, are subject to change. 


4.10 In the case of a deposit, Visitor who has purchased the ticket and paid the deposit will receive the actual admission ticket only after the balance payment has been made in full. Premier Padel Rotterdam will send the Visitor an e-mail for this purpose at its known e-mail address. If the visitor has not fulfilled the remaining financial obligations within the period specified by Premier Padel Rotterdam (minimum 7 days and maximum 21 days after sending the e-mail), the visitor will be legally in default. If the visitor has not paid Premier Padel Rotterdam the full remaining amount on time, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid and the ticket will expire. 


4.11 If Premier Padel Rotterdam cannot take place the deposit will be refunded minus €1,50 administration costs. 


4.12 Premier Padel Rotterdam will comply with the RIVM guidelines in force at the time. If Visitor does not cooperate with the measures taken by Premier Padel Rotterdam to comply with the RIVM guidelines, Premier Padel Rotterdam reserves the right to refuse Visitor access and Visitor will not be entitled to a refund. 




Article 5 Prohibition of (re)sales 


5.1 The Visitor is not permitted to (re)sell the Admission Ticket to a third party and/or to offer or (re)sell Admission Tickets to third parties with a commercial purpose other than with the written permission of Premier Padel Rotterdam. 


5.2 If Premier Padel Rotterdam has valid reasons to believe that the Visitor is not the original purchaser of the Admission Ticket and/or the Admission Ticket has been sold or resold and/or the Admission Ticket has been forged, Premier Padel Rotterdam reserves the right to deny the Visitor in question admission to the Event without being obliged to refund the admission price to the Visitor. 


5.3 Visitor is not permitted to advertise the Event in any way. 




Article 6 Visitor Obligations 


6.1 Visitor is obliged to comply with all safety rules in force at Location and furthermore to follow all instructions given by the personnel present, security, fire department, police and other authorized persons. 


6.2 Visitor is obliged to cooperate with search at the entrance as well as during the Event. 


6.3 Visitor must be in possession of a valid and undamaged Admission Ticket, which Visitor must show at the entrance and/or during the Event at the first request of Premier Padel Rotterdam and/or personnel at the Location. 


6.4 Visitors are obliged to show valid proof of identity at the entrance and/or during the Event at the first request of Premier Padel Rotterdam and/or personnel on Location. 


6.5 Visitor is not permitted to bring professional recording equipment to the Event and/or to the Location. If Visitor brings professional recording equipment to the Event and/or the Location, Premier Padel Rotterdam has the right to confiscate this equipment for the duration of the Event and erase recordings already made. 


6.6 The Visitor is not permitted to register the Event in its entirety and/or works performed in its entirety in any way whatsoever. If Visitor violates this, Premier Padel Rotterdam has the right to confiscate this registration and to destroy, use and/or exploit it at its own discretion. Recordings made by Visitor of any part of the Event and/or any part of works performed by means of non-professional recording equipment are strictly for Visitor's own use and may not be exploited and/or disclosed in any way by Visitor. 


6.7 Visitors are not permitted to bring (domestic) animals, glassware, plastic, cans, fireworks, food, drinks, alcohol, drugs, weapons, umbrellas, banners, flags, other dangerous objects and objects that cause noise nuisance to the Event and/or to the Location. 


6.8 A Visitor is not permitted to harass and/or disturb other visitors and personnel present during the Event. A Visitor is also not permitted to be in a state of public drunkenness during the Event and/or on Location and/or to urinate outside the public toilets intended for this purpose. 


6.9 If Visitor leaves the Location during the Event, the validity of the Admission Ticket will thereby lapse. 




Article 7 Rights Premier Padel Rotterdam 


7.1 Premier Padel Rotterdam reserves the right before and during the Event to deny Visitor access to the Event and/or to remove Visitor from the Event, if Premier Padel Rotterdam reasonably considers this necessary for the maintenance of safety and public order. 


7.2 If Visitor fails to comply with any obligation under the Agreement, Premier Padel Rotterdam will - without prejudice to the remedies already mentioned for the benefit of Premier Padel Rotterdam - have the right to declare the Admission Ticket invalid and/or deny Visitor access to the Event and/or remove Visitor from the Event without being obliged to refund the entrance fee to Visitor. 


7.3 Consumption vouchers and/or tokens purchased during the Event are valid only during the Event. 


7.4 The Player, Artist and Premier Padel Rotterdam have the right to record the event in the broadest sense of the word, including but not limited to taking photographs and making visual and sound recordings of the Audience and Visitor(s). In addition, the Player, Artist and Premier Padel Rotterdam have the right to exploit this registration in the broadest sense of the word, including but not limited to the release of LPs, CDs, DVDs and the broadcasting through third parties of commercials. 


7.5 If Visitor appears in these recording(s) and/or Visitor's portrait is captured herein, Visitor hereby gives express permission for the exploitation and/or disclosure thereof without being entitled to any compensation. 




Article 8 Liability and indemnification 


8.1 Attending the Event and/or entering the Venue is expressly at the Visitor's own risk, on the understanding that Premier Padel Rotterdam is not liable for hearing damage, sight damage/blindness, other physical injury and damage to property, such as but not limited to clothing, whether or not inflicted by the Public.  

8.2 Premier Padel Rotterdam will only be liable for damage suffered by the Visitor resulting from a shortcoming in the fulfilment of the Agreement attributable to Premier Padel Rotterdam. 

8.3 Premier Padel Rotterdam's total liability for attributable failure in the fulfillment of the Agreement is limited to compensation for direct damage, provided that this liability is at all times limited to the amount that will be paid out under Premier Padel Rotterdam's legal liability insurance. 


8.4 Premier Padel Rotterdam's liability for indirect damages, including consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings and damage due to business interruption, is excluded. 


8.5 A condition for the creation of any right to compensation is always that the Customer reports the damage to Premier Padel Rotterdam in writing within 48 hours of its occurrence. 


8.6 In the event Premier Padel Rotterdam directly or indirectly engages Premier Padel Rotterdam's subordinates, non-subordinates, auxiliaries and/or other persons in the execution of the Agreement, all liability of Premier Padel Rotterdam pursuant to Article 6:76 Dutch Civil Code, Article 6:170 Dutch Civil Code, Article 6:171 Dutch Civil Code and Article 6:172 Dutch Civil Code is excluded and Premier Padel Rotterdam is not liable for damage caused by these persons, except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of Premier Padel Rotterdam's executives. 


8.7 Premier Padel Rotterdam will endeavour to carry out the Event as far as possible in accordance with the announced time schedule. Premier Padel Rotterdam is not liable for deviations therein and for any damage that may arise for the Visitor as a result. 


8.8 Visitor is deemed to be familiar with the Artist's repertoire and performances. Premier Padel Rotterdam accepts no liability whatsoever regarding the manner of performance by the Artist and the length of the performance by the Artist. 


8.9 In the event that the Visitor purchases the entry ticket from a third party - not being Premier Padel Rotterdam - and this third party, for whatever reason, does not deliver the tickets to the Visitor, Premier Padel Rotterdam will in no way be liable, neither for reimbursement of tickets already paid for by the Visitor, nor for the subsequent delivery of a replacement ticket. 


8.10 The visitor will indemnify Premier Padel Rotterdam against all claims by third parties for damage for which the visitor is liable under the law. The visitor will compensate Premier Padel Rotterdam for any damage, including all legal costs incurred by Premier Padel Rotterdam, resulting from any claim made by these third parties. 




Article 9 Force Majeure 


9.1 In the event of force majeure Premier Padel Rotterdam will have the right to reschedule or cancel the Event. 


9.2 Force majeure is understood to mean: every circumstance independent of Premier Padel Rotterdam's will as a result of which Premier Padel Rotterdam's fulfilment of its obligations to the Visitor is wholly or partly prevented or as a result of which fulfilment of Premier Padel Rotterdam's obligations cannot reasonably be required, such as, but not limited to: non-attributable failure of Premier Padel Rotterdam or of persons Premier Padel Rotterdam makes use of in the execution of the Agreement, such as auxiliary persons and contractors of Premier Padel Rotterdam, strikes, work lockouts, illness, import, export and/or transit bans, transport problems, machine breakdowns, traffic disruptions, energy disruptions, delivery problems, amended regulations, government measures, terrorism (threat), death of a member of the Royal Household, failure of Premier Padel Rotterdam's suppliers to meet their obligations, disruptions in production, extreme weather conditions, frost, natural disasters, pandemics, war and/or threat of war, disruptions in the regular supply of goods to be delivered by Suppliers or third parties, as well as water and energy supplies and/or incapacity for work as a result of illness or accident of the Artist on the day of the performance and/or the event; the death of a family member of the Artist; the temporary or permanent break-up of (the group of) the Artist; circumstances that prevent the Artist from reaching the place of performance in time (for example, in the event of extreme weather conditions, a traffic accident or traffic congestion) and/or prevent the Event from taking place in a responsible manner. 


9.3 If Premier Padel Rotterdam cancels the Event in the event of force majeure, Premier Padel Rotterdam will be obliged to refund to Visitor the admission price stated on the Admission Ticket, irrespective of the price paid by Visitor for the Admission Ticket. This right to a refund by Visitor exists for eight weeks counting from the date on which the cancelled Event would take place at a (pre)sales address after presentation of a valid, undamaged Entrance Ticket. Service charges are not included in this refund and will not be reimbursed. Visitor cannot claim substitute admission to another Event in this case. 


9.4 If Premier Padel Rotterdam moves the Event to another date in the event of force majeure, the Entrance Ticket will be valid for that new date. If Visitor is unable to attend on the new date, Visitor will be entitled to request a refund of the Entrance Fee. In such a case, ZAND will be obliged to refund to Visitor the entrance fee stated on the Entrance Ticket, regardless of the price Visitor has paid for the Entrance Ticket. This right to restitution of Visitor exists for four weeks counting from the date on which the cancelled Event would have taken place at a (pre-)sales address after presentation of a valid, undamaged Admission Ticket. Service charges are not included in this refund and will not be reimbursed. Visitor cannot claim substitute admission to another Event in this case. 




Article 10 Penalty clause 


If the Visitor breaches any of his/her obligations pursuant to the provisions of article 5, the Visitor will owe Premier Padel Rotterdam, without notice of default being required, a voluntary penalty of € 5,000.00 in a lump sum and € 1,000.00 per Admission Ticket sold or resold, without prejudice to any other rights to which Premier Padel Rotterdam is entitled, such as the right to compensation. 




Article 11 Personal Data 


If Premier Padel Rotterdam processes personal data of Visitors, Premier Padel Rotterdam will do so in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. 




Article 12 Nullity 


The nullity of any provision of the Agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Agreement. In the event of nullity of any provision, the parties will enter into a further agreement in connection with the subject matter of the provision in question that approximates the intention of the parties as much as possible. Article 13 Applicable law and competent court The Agreement is exclusively governed by Dutch law and all disputes arising and/or related to the Agreement shall be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam to the exclusion of any other forum. 




Article 13 Refund applications 


This scheme is based on the global agreement between ACM, consumer association and industry on refunds and vouchers for events that have been moved or canceled. 


These conditions relate exclusively to the sale of tickets providing access to the event and ancillary products such as parking tickets and lockers of Premier Padel Rotterdam by Tribe Padel B.V. to the holder of (a) ticket(s) (hereinafter referred to as "Customer"). 


The choice made by the Customer is binding and applies to all tickets in the order. The Customer's choice replaces or modifies the existing agreement between Tribe Padel B.V. and the Customer. 

The existing agreement between Tribe Padel B.V. and the Customer concerning the original order is thereby dissolved. The Customer agrees that his/her original order will be cancelled and that his/her right to admission to the Event in question will thereby lapse. On the other hand, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the original ticket price including the cash service charge by Tribe Padel B.V. 


Refund of the original ticket price including the service fee will be made within 6 weeks via the same payment method used to make the original purchase. 



Artikel 14 Annulering en Terugbetaling


a. Klanten hebben geen recht op annulering/ wijzing van tickets voor evenementen georganiseerd door Premier Padel Rotterdam.

b. Er worden geen restituties verstrekt voor aangekochte tickets, tenzij het evenement wordt geannuleerd door Premier Padel Rotterdam.